12 Days to a Safe Christmas: Day 9 – I’m getting Nuttin’ (But Scams) for Christmas

Holiday Security Tips: On the ninth day of Christmas, the experts gave to me, 9 protected packages

Thieves are on the lookout for the delivery of packages, especially around the holidays.  FedEx and UPS packages might sit outside for hours, often in plain view from the street, making a mighty tempting target.  Not only can thieves grab the precious contents inside, but also the shipping labels often contain personal information the thieves love to get their hands on.

 Solution: Ship packages to your work address, or a PO Box or require a signature 

If your employer doesn’t mind your receiving packages at work, have them shipped there since someone is generally available during the day (when shipments arrive).  If that doesn’t work, consider getting a PO Box at the post office during the holidays.  When all else fails, ask to have your packages shipped with signature required so that they aren’t dropped off unless someone is there to sign.

Even if you didn’t put a tack on your teacher’s chair or tie a knot in Susie’s hair, you might get nuttin’ for Christmas if you don’t outsmart the thieves.  On the tenth day of Christmas…

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About Cybersecurity Keynote Speaker John Sileo

John Sileo is the founder and CEO of The Sileo Group, a cybersecurity think tank, in Lakewood, Colorado, and an award-winning author, keynote speaker and expert on technology, cybersecurity, and tech/life balance. He energizes conferences, corporate trainings and main-stage events by making security fun and engaging. His clients include the Pentagon, Schwab, and organizations of all sizes. John got started in cybersecurity when he lost everything, including his $2 million business, to cybercrime. Since then, he has shared his experiences on 60 Minutes, Anderson Cooper, and even while cooking meatballs with Rachel Ray. Contact John directly to see how he can customize his presentations to your audience.

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    This is a good idea, to ship packages to your P.O. Box, but you must: Sign an agreement at the post office, if yours even offers the package service, and apparently (due to my recent nightmare experience) the post office is VERY PICKY about how you have your packages addressed. On the usps.com website, navigate over to the publications, and look at Pub. 28. It is more than two hundred pages of instructions, just to show you how picky they are. But, briefly, your address must be in this “format”

    If your post office has a street address of 200 Main St and your P.O. box number is 123, then here is the format:

    (Your name)
    200 Main St # 123
    (city name), (state abbreviation) and zip code (not zip+four)

    UPS and FedEx are COMPETITORS of the Post Office. Notice, if you ship this way, the post office is NOT MAKING ANY MONEY on the delivery of your parcel. The employees just don’t like this work for which they aren’t earning any money for the post office for handling your parcel. Make sure you adhere to postal rules TO THE LETTER, or they can really hassle you (they can RETURN you package to the sender without the proper FORMAT of the address !!! the “agreement” you sign will specifically say this to you. )


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