Do Not Call Registry for Cell Phones?

Do I need to add my cell phone number to a Do Not Call list in order to keep telemarketers from contacting me on my mobile phone?

No. But you should add it to the list anyway. Right now, cell phone numbers are not being released to telemarketers, but they might be in the future. For details, visit the Federal Trade Commission’s article entitled The Truth About Cell Phones and the Do Not Call Registry.

That said, today is a good time to re-submit (or submit for the first time) your home phone number, mobile number and fax number to the National Do Not Call Registry. Here’s why:

  • It stops a majority of those dinner time telemarketing calls that make you wonder why you have a phone. While this doesn’t necessarily protect you against identity theft, it does give you more privacy!
  • In addition, there is a 5-year expiration date on the service, so some subscriptions will begin expiring this coming year (people who signed up in 2003). Rather than figuring out your expiration date, take a minute to re-register.
  • If cell phone numbers do go on the marketplace in the future, you will already be protected.

Register all of your home phone and fax numbers today on the Do Not Call Registry and STOP those telemarketing calls before they start.

John Sileo
Identity Theft Speaker

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