Browser Spies: How to Stop Unwanted Online Tracking Ep 1

Episode 1: Protecting Your Privacy Against Online Tracking and Surveillance

Do you realize that every step you take, every click you make online is tracked, analyzed and sold or traded  to companies that want to market to you? I don’t know about you, but I get a bit fed up with outsiders having more control over my online identity and privacy than I do. This short video series, in partnership with Fox & Friends, is meant to help you take back a measure of control in your digital life.

To view the entire Browser Spies Online Privacy video series, wait until the end of each video and click on the Next Video button in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. As you watch each short video in your browser, make the necessary changes based on each simple video tip on protecting your online identity and privacy.

About the Browser Spies Series: Online privacy expert John Sileo and Fox & Friends have partnered up to educate you on how your information is being tracked, recorded and sold as you surf the web. These tips give you greater control over your online privacy in short, easy to implement steps. Browser privacy, web tracking and constant online surveillance are a reality of modern internet browsing. Learn how to protect your privacy on the internet one step at a time.

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  1. Mary Ann Eads
    Mary Ann Eads says:

    I watch Fox News most days & evenings.
    There are many time when watching Fox & Friends, as the segment closes they mention the website again. But it needs to be posted on screen again as the segment closes.
    Just saying it, does not help with the SPELLING OF THE WEBSITE!!!!!

  2. Harry Landbo
    Harry Landbo says:

    I agree with Mary Ann Eads. Please post the website again at the end of the segment, when I am ready with pen and paper, to get the exact SPELLING of the website. Hearing a website initially is a problem, especially if there is a proper name in the site, e.g.

  3. T. Gadol
    T. Gadol says:

    I’ve been putting your tips into practice, and what a difference they’re making. I didn’t even notice the incognito window, but using incognito has really limited the trash that gets deposited on my computer! Thanks so much!


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