iPhone Security Crash Course: 13 Ways to Keep Hackers & Advertisers Out

A Live Walk-through of Default iPhone Security/Privacy Settings

Every website you visit, location you frequent and app you use can be tracked, hacked and abused… Including all of the health and workplace apps we now access from our phone.
By default, your smartphone is open to cellular providers, digital advertisers and cybercriminals. Until, of course, you proactively take steps to minimize how your private data is being captured, shared and sold.
In this iPhone-specific workshop, John will perform a live demonstration of the privacy and security settings available in your smartphone. Bring your iPhone to the webinar, as you will be actively changing settings during the presentation.
Security & Privacy Topics Covered Will Include:
  • Limiting location tracking performed by Apps
  • Installing and utilizing a virtual private network (VPN) to protect Wi-Fi usage
  • Disabling advertising tracking and sharing
  • Implementing non-hackable device passwords
  • Evaluating of the Pros/Cons of biometric passwords (fingerprints and facial recognition)
  • Utilizing a phone-based password management software
  • Utilizing two-step authenticator apps to protect your online accounts
  • Enabling remote tracking and wiping options “Find My iPhone” in case your phone goes missing
  • A discussion on the security of Apple Pay and Wallet options
  • iCloud security options
  • Banking and investing vulnerabilities on you smartphone
By the end of the session, your iPhone will be 99% more secure than the average user. Time for Q&A with John will be provided at the end of the workshop.