Identity Theft Speaker Endorsed by Fort Bragg

I had the privilege of speaking at Fort Bragg this summer! Here is what they had to say:

I saw John Sileo’s presentation at a conference recently and I was thoroughly impressed. He really interacted so well with the audience that I actually wanted to bring him to Ft Bragg to help us celebrate our Consumer Awareness Month. It took several months of coordination, but we finally all got it together and John came down and did an excellent presentation to help us out with teaching our community all about identity theft. His presentation was interactive, dynamic, the audience was really pleased and after the presentation they held him there for an hour asking great questions! We were thoroughly pleased with John and we really enjoyed his presentation.

John Sileo is an identity theft and information security expert that speaks professionally to organizations that want to protect their profits against identity theft, social media exposure and corporate espionage. His recent clients include the Department of Defense, FDIC, FTC and Pfizer. Pcik up a copy of John’s latest book Privacy Means Profit – Prevent Identity Theft and Secure You and Your Bottom Line.

Thanks to Grand Forks AFB and the Department of Defense

Grand Forks AFBI’d like to thank the Department of Defense and Grand Forks Air Force Base for bringing me in as the identity theft financial speaker for their Financial Readiness Challenge Campaign today in North Dakota.

During my speech, I promised to give you easy-to-complete action steps to protect your identity against theft, as well as that of your loved ones. I’d like to deliver on that promise by directing you to a full page article I’ve written specifically for you: John Sileo’s Military Identity Theft Protection Kit. If you have additional suggestions for protecting military IDs that I haven’t covered in this article, please include your comments at the bottom of the post. With your input, this conversation should contribute to the financial stability of our armed forces – which is vital, because, as you are aware, financial readiness is mission readiness.

For those of you who asked to purchase a copy of my book, Stolen Lives, you can do so at Be sure you choose the Speaking Engagement Shipping option in your shopping cart as it will give you free shipping.

Here are answers to several additional questions that were asked after my speech: Read more

Eglin AFB Stumps the Identity Theft Expert

I just finished delivering an identity theft speech for the Department of Defense to the Airmen and Women of Eglin Air Force Base in Ft. Walton, Florida. It is the highest honor for me to be able to serve the United States military, who so valiantly and humbly serve every American. Thank you Eglin AFB, and a special thanks to the person who asked me to clarify this question after the speech:

Is LifeLock identity theft monitoring service truly free to military personnel, or is it just for certain personnel? Read more

Beale AFB Gives Identity Theft Speaker Dose of Own Medicine (ouch!)

Beale AFBI spoke about an hour ago to the Airmen (and women) of Beale Air Force Base outside of Sacramento, California. The room was packed with incredibly inquisitive, highly dedicated members of our armed services. There was a General in the audience; obviously the base cares about their personnel and take their data security very seriously. They weren’t there just to see an identity theft speaker, they were there because part of protecting our country against aggressors means that they must also protect the flow of information that makes our nation so powerful. With military, corporate and industrial espionage on the rise, they are smart to be focusing on the proactive protection of knowledge assets.

And they gave me a dose of my own medicine. Read more

Military Identity Theft Protection & Prevention Kit

Military personnel have unique and pressing reasons to pay extra attention to protecting themselves from military identity theft, as well as guarding the private data of their loved ones. For example:

  • Historically, the armed forces have used pieces of identity (including Social Security Numbers) to openly identify personal items, including: dog tags, military IDs, commission papers, pay checks and duffel bags. While this practice is being fazed out, it still increases the risk of identity theft among military personnel.
  • If a member of the military has their identity stolen while deployed (especially overseas), it is exceptionally difficult to recover from the crime in a timely and effective manner. Can you imagine trying to repair your credit rating from the streets of Iraq or prove your innocence to a collection agency while crouched in the bunkers of Afghanistan? To add insult to injury, returning from a tour to find that your credit has been destroyed and that you are wanted for crimes you didn’t commit can be overwhelming.
  • Our airmen, soldiers, sailors and marines can be called to duty in an instant. If financially unprepared, this leaves their families vulnerable to attack. It is imperative that we proactively protect not only ourselves, but our loved ones as well.
  • Protecting the privacy of our military is a national security concern. In the age of cyber-attacks and digital warfare, we cannot leave our fighting and peace-keeping personnel open to attack.

Because of these additional risks, it is imperative for our military personnel to implement the steps below to prevent military identity theft. Read more