Thanks to Grand Forks AFB and the Department of Defense

Grand Forks AFBI’d like to thank the Department of Defense and Grand Forks Air Force Base for bringing me in as the identity theft financial speaker for their Financial Readiness Challenge Campaign today in North Dakota.

During my speech, I promised to give you easy-to-complete action steps to protect your identity against theft, as well as that of your loved ones. I’d like to deliver on that promise by directing you to a full page article I’ve written specifically for you: John Sileo’s Military Identity Theft Protection Kit. If you have additional suggestions for protecting military IDs that I haven’t covered in this article, please include your comments at the bottom of the post. With your input, this conversation should contribute to the financial stability of our armed forces – which is vital, because, as you are aware, financial readiness is mission readiness.

For those of you who asked to purchase a copy of my book, Stolen Lives, you can do so at Be sure you choose the Speaking Engagement Shipping option in your shopping cart as it will give you free shipping.

Here are answers to several additional questions that were asked after my speech: Read more