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Identity theft training crucial for companies great and small

With all the news about fraud hitting big name companies, you might think that identity theft training is only for the corporate giants. Think again.

A study recently performed by a subcommittee in the U.S. House has revealed an alarming statistic: small businesses are a target for digital criminals just as celebrity brands like Twitter and Facebook attract fraudulent attention. But unlike those huge companies, smaller names usually have less to spend on security and are therefore more vulnerable to those kinds of attacks. According to a report mentioned in a statement by the subcommittee’s chairman Chris Collins, 60 percent of small businesses hit by online attacks end up closing within six months. 

Here are some more rather frightening tidbits, courtesy of the same source: 87 percent of smaller businesses don’t even have an official written security policy. And attacks on companies with fewer than 250 employees apparently make up 20 percent of the total number of instances of online infringement. It’s not just the total gross that draws the attention of data thugs, and just because you’re not raking in billions doesn’t mean you’ll go unnoticed.

This is pretty sobering news. Small and medium sized businesses have enough on their plates without having to worry about whether they’ll survive an instance of online identity theft. But identity theft training is an issue that everyone should take to heart. No organization is so small as to be invisible to hackers. Thinking that you are could be a fatal mistake for your company – and perhaps the last one you will make.

Implementing a comprehensive identity theft training program is a smart move for any business looking to stay afloat in the digital age, no matter their size.

John Sileo is an identity theft expert and CEO of The Sileo Group, which conducts identity theft training for hundreds of happy clients including the Department of Defense, Visa, Pfizer, and Homeland Security. See his recent media appearances on 60 Minutes, Anderson Cooper and Fox Business.

Identity Theft Training

John Sileo knows identity theft and data breach first hand – he became “America’s Leading Identity Theft Speaker and Expert” after losing his business and more than $300,000 to these costly crimes. He has provided these Identity Theft Resources to help you protect your organization from suffering from the losses that result from unprotected private information. Visit John’s Identity Theft Prevention Store to learn more.

Hire John to train your employees to prevent identity theft, data breach and corporate espionage

Safe data is profitable data, whether it’s a client’s credit card number, a patient’s medical file, an employee’s benefit plan or sensitive intellectual capital. By the time John finishes his hilarious closing story, your audience will be fully empowered to protect private information, at home and at work.

John’s Most Requested Identity Theft Training Presentations (Keynote Topics)

Think Like a Spy
Information Survival Skills

The biggest threat to our identities (and to valuable corporate data) is our lack of a Privacy Reflex. Few of us have ever been trained to respond appropriately when someone requests our sensitive information. Think of how easily you give your information away on the Internet when someone promises you a free gift. This presentation will give your audience the fundamental building blocks to proactively protect valuable information assets. The result is a safer individual with strategic privacy skills that protect your organization’s bottom line.

To bridge the gap between personal protection and professional privacy, Think Like a Spy can be paired with one or more of the profit-focused supplementary presentations below.

Bulletproof Your Business Against Breach
Extinguishing Privacy Hotspots

Once we understand how to protect our personal identities, we have the tools and motivation to begin protecting valuable corporate data. Identity theft and corporate data loss are a huge financial cost and legal liability to corporations and organizations. It is imperative in our information economy that we train our workforce on how to protect those information assets, whether they are digital, physical or intellectual.

7 Sins of Social Networking
Controlling Information Over-Exposure

Every parent and young adult should be aware of the fact that college-age students are at the highest risk of identity theft and general abuse of private information. Just like most young adults were taught Stranger Danger in school, they should also be taught how to protect their increasingly-threatened identities. This program is appropriate for both parents and young adults, but is geared to instill a Privacy Reflex in the younger generation.

Your Financial Institution as Hero
Protecting Customers Against Identity Theft

No one is in a better position to educate individuals about identity theft prevention than financial institutions. Not only do they have the “financial ear” of their clients, but they have a responsibility to protect their customers and members from this highly financial crime. This speech applies to banks, credit unions, insurance companies, brokers, financial planners, accountants, etc.

Organizations that proactively educate their team members about identity theft protection drastically reduce their chances of a costly data breach. Your audience will experience first-hand what data theft feels like, and the resulting costs of poor privacy practices. John gets the audience up on their feet, laughing and learning. Increased awareness inside of your organization translates into an immediate return on your speaking investment.

Getting What You Want
Weapons of Maniuplation and Tools of Influence

Now, more than ever, knowledge is power – once you can identify the tools of persuasion being used against you, your vulnerability drops radically. The benefits are immediate, whether you are buying a used car, evaluating a potential date, hiring a new employee or discipling your teenager. In this speech, discoverhow to avoid manipulation so you can positively control the outcomes in your life.

John’s satisfied clients include the Department of Defense, the FDIC, Pfizer and the Federal Trade Commission. For more information on John or his training, call us at 303.777.3221 or send us an email.

Employee Background Checks

CSIdentity Safe

CSIdentity SAFE

Great employees are hard to find, but without the right employee background screening process, deceitful candidates are even harder to spot. Hiring dishonest employees puts your sensitive and confidential business information at risk and could cost you millions if stolen or damaged.

According to The Ponemon Institute, an independent research foundation, the average cost of data breach to a victim corporation is $6.75 million. In 2008, the lowest reported cost of data breach was $613,000, while the highest was just under $32 million. Given that the average cost per stolen record is $202, one missing laptop with 2,500 customer or employee records on it would come with a data breach recovery bill for a half a million dollars. And that doesn’t factor in loss of stock value, brand damage or customer defection that results from having your breach in the news. Read more