John Sileo Live-Hacks an Audience Smartphone (Video)

Why do I perform a live hack during my cybersecurity keynote speeches? Here’s what I have found giving cybersecurity keynotes for the past two decades – if you don’t interact with your audience, if you don’t keep them laughing while they are learning, they won’t stay engaged and they will forget everything they have learned when the lights come back up. When I perform a live smartphone hack or otherwise humorously engage the audience, it makes them a direct part of the solution. And it also shows even the most sophisticated audiences, even security professionals, don’t know everything about security. In over 1,000 presentations, I have never failed to successfully hack a smartphone. Cybersecurity keynotes can be dry, but they don’t  have to be. My specialty is in keeping keynote content entertaining, so that it sticks. To see more cybersecurity speaking videos, visit my Cybersecurity Keynote Speaker page.