Identity Theft Expert Endorsed by Larry Winget

If I’ve learned one thing as an identity theft expert these past few years, it’s this: As bloggers with something to gain (monetarily) from our daily posts, we do everything we can to veil our advertisements deep within the text. Nearly every blog post has some financial gain tied to it: Google AdWords down the right side of the column, gentle product sales, magazine subscriptions, you name it.

That’s the trade-off: bloggers give you content and in return, you agree to watch our commercials. With a few exceptions (truly altruistic and non-commercial blogs, which do exist), anytime someone tells you that they gain nothing financially from their blog, tell them HOGWASH! They are simply hiding behind their content. When you get something of value, you are paying with something of value. When you read the Wall Street Journal, you agree to at least browse their advertising (however passively). When you read my blog about identity theft prevention, you learn that I speak to corporations and organizations around the world about data breach and identity theft.

So I’m not going to even try and conceal the commercial nature of this post: the very hilarious and very famous Larry Winget endorsed me as a speaker. I tell you for one reason: to get you to hire me as an identity theft expert and identity theft speaker, and to hire Business Humorist Larry Winget. Period. Let us expose your audience to messages of financial responsibility and financial privacy before they bring their poor habits into your organization.

Larry and I have done about 20 speeches together over the past couple of months for the Department of Defense (e.g., Vandenberg AFB, Camp Pendelton, Andrews AFB) so I’ve gotten to see Larry time and again. And he knocks ’em dead every time. Which is why he is the World’s best and busiest business humorist. And why I am so proud that he took the time to record this short endorsement video about my identity theft speech and me as an identity theft speaker. Thanks, Larry. You’re a pal.

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  1. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    Once again I am very impressed with this blog post and the information it provides. I have heard Mr. Sileo speak-he is charismatic, entertaining and most importantly brilliant. I would recommend his Identity Theft speech for everyone-information that is priceless. Thank you for this great service.


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