Meet the Sileo Team

Sue Liming

Business Manager, Brains of the Organization

Sue is John‘s hyper-organized, super-sweet alter ego. As his business manager, Sue takes care of Sileo’s speaking clients like they are one of her precious puppies (which are pitbulls, so she can be firm when necessary). If Sue ever retires, John is going with her. When you talk to her on the phone (because she loves communicating in person), ask her to please, please not retire before she helps coordinate your event. You won‘t be sorry. You should also invite her to play golf with you at your favorite golf course, but don’t offer her olives, sushi or saurkraut afterwards, because she will fire you. You can reach Sue directly on 303.777.3221 x 101 or by filling out our Get in Touch form.

Barb Sileo

CFO, Kind Heart and Life-Balance Role Model

Please call her Barb, and don‘t be intimidated by her title (CFO) because she also happens to be John’s Mom. This is significant, because how many families do you know that can work together for decades and still enjoy each other every day? Mostly that‘s because Barb is the friendliest person that you will ever meet (unless she’s forced to collect funds from you). When you get her on the phone, ask her about Scotland, her long winding conversion to scotch (those two are related), the finer aspects of Earl Grey tea, her love of watercolor painting and how she gently handles cranky John when he forgets to have lunch. Barb never really gets upset, so call her first if you are in an angry mood. She lives a life of balance, optimism and deep appreciation for things exactly as they are.

Jim Sileo

Entrepreneur and Self-Reliance Connoisseur

Your day just wouldn‘t be complete without meeting Jim (Barb’s husband and coincidentally John‘s Dad). Jim started the first of the Sileo companies back in 1964 out of his garage after deciding building rockets at Lockheed-Martin wasn’t his gig. This was long before John came along and destroyed the company so that he would have a moving signature story to share with your audience. Clients lucky enough to speak with Jim generally end up chatting more about travels to Italy, old-vine zinfandels and where in the world you come from than they do about business. Many clients book John purely because they love Jim, Barb and Sue. Seriously. Don‘t forget to ask Jim about how dry he likes his macchiato or what has allowed him and Barb to be married for six decades. Even if you don’t book John, it will be worth your time.