Are You a Victim of Credit ID Theft & Don’t Know it?

Here’s something you might not know. Twenty-five percent of you have already been victims of identity theft and you don’t know it. I’m going to show you how you can tell if you have or not. Stick around.

I’m John Sileo and this is Sileo on Security. If you haven’t already checked your credit report, you have to do it. Your credit is a compilation of your loans, credit cards, bank accounts… everything that determines how much buying power you have, how much credit you can borrow. So it’s totally imperative that you keep your credit profile clean because you want to be able to do things like take out a bank loan or take out a home loan and you don’t want identity thieves destroying your credit score.

There’s a super simple way to do this.  It’s called  It shows you your credit profiles from the three credit reporting bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. So when you first go to, they’re going to take you to a form and ask for all kinds of personal information. I don’t want you to be freaked out. They already have this information on you; they’re just they’re just verifying that it’s actually you filling out the form. People ask me all the time, “Is it safe giving them this information?” If your computer is well-protected and you’re on a safe Internet connection, you’re going to be just fine.

So here’s your One Minute Mission. I want you to go to and I want you to apply for one of the three credit reports. Not all three of them, just the Equifax report. And then in three or four more months I want you to go back and do the same thing on the Experian report.  And three or four months after that I want you to do it with TransUnion. This way you are cycling the reports and you’re looking at your credit every couple of months. That keeps you safe year after year.

You know, monitoring your credit isn’t just about securing it against identity theft. It’s about making sure that your financial buying power is intact. For Sileo on Security, I’m John Sileo. We’ll see you next time.