The Top 12 Ways Victims Detect Identity Theft

There are many signs that your identity has been stolen, even if you haven’t started to feel the real pain yet. If you detect these signs early, it probably isn’t too late to keep the damage to a minimum if you act quickly. Unless you are already at number 12…

  1. Your bills or statements are not arriving in your mail on time.
  2. You notice unauthorized charges on your credit card bill.
  3. You notice new accounts or erroneous information on your credit report.
  4. You are denied credit for a large purchase.
  5. You receive credit card bills from cards you don’t own.
  6. You are contacted by a collection agency on an item you didn’t purchase.
  7. You receive bills for unknown purchases.
  8. You are unable to set up new banking,loan or brokerage accounts.
  9. You notice withdrawals on your checking or savings account that you didn’t make.
  10. The checks listed on your bank statements don’t reconcile with those listed in your check register. Many times these checks are made out to “Cash.”
  11. You notice a downward trend in benefits on your annual Social Security Statement.
  12. The police show up at your door.
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