A Smarter Solution for Thief-Proof Passwords

Don’t you find it nearly impossible to remember all of those passwords you have to create for your online accounts? And a lot of times they’re not very strong. Well, I’m going to show you a great way to create long and strong passwords and not have to remember them.

Hi, I’m John Sileo and this is Sileo on Security. The answer here is password protection software. These password managers are software that live on your computers or your devices–an app that helps you create and remember really good passwords.

There are three basic advantages to password protection software.  The first reason is that password managers make it really simple to have these long and strong alphanumeric, symbol-based passwords. They make it really hard for the criminals to guess what your password is and therefore get into your account.

The second reason is that you’ll never have to remember those passwords again. Part of the problem here is because we have to remember all of these passwords we make them the same across websites and it’s really dangerous. Password protection software forces you to have a unique password for every site and it makes it easy.

The third advantage of password protection software is encryption. It protects your passwords behind lock and key so that the hackers can’t get to them. The number one way that we store passwords now is either in the contact app on our phone, in our wallet on a piece of paper, in an Excel file, or even because we use the same password over and over. That’s incredibly dangerous! They need to be hidden behind encryption. Encryption is the technology that locks your passcodes behind a key that is difficult even for the FBI to get into, meaning that it’s super safe. Nothing is 100% secure but it’s statistically better to have it behind encryption than it is to store it the way you’re storing it or to create passwords the way that you’re currently creating them.

So here’s today’s One Minute Mission. All of these password managers are slightly different depending on if you want it for yourself, your family or your business. So you need to research a couple of different versions and see what’s right for you. Things like – Dashlane, LastPass, 1password. Those are all good ones to research. Here’s what I want you to do. Google the words “password manager reviews” and look for a journal or a magazine that you trust (PC magazine for example) and take a look at the different features and functions of each one to choose which is right for you.

You’re going to feel so good about your security when you get a password manager that works on your devices and computers and locks it all behind that encryption. I look forward to seeing you next time on Sileo on Security.



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