Sileo on 9News: Aurora City Council Identity Theft

By Kevin Torres, 9News

AURORA – Five of Aurora’s most powerful politicians found out how vulnerable they truly are. They’ve joined a long list of people who have fallen victim to identity theft.

The city councilors thought they were alone, until they heard from their colleagues at a council meeting.

“It was kind of a relief when I found it was a council thing and not me personally,” said Councilor Molly Markert.

Markert and four other councilors received bills for items they never even purchased, including electronic devices.

If there was ever an expert on identity theft, John Sileo would certainly be high on the list.

He’s written a few books on the issue and even does work for the Department of Defense and Homeland Security.

Sileo says the thief or thieves likely cracked the councilors’ codes by one of two ways.

“It’s either an inside job which is someone got paid to funnel information out, or, the second way is their systems were hacked in to, it’s also very common,” Sileo said.

Read the full Aurora City Council Identity Theft Story.


John Sileo is America’s leading keynote speaker on identity theft, social media privacy and trust building. His clients include the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, the FDIC, Pfizer and organizations of all sizes. Learn more at

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