Privacy, Social Media, Technology and the Law

Picture 6Can the Law keep up with technology?

CNN has a new article that addresses this growing issue. Cases are continuing to pop up based on an offense or crime committed in cyberspace. Five years ago suing someone for allegedly slamming you on Twitter would have been unimaginable.  But just recently an apartment tenant is being sued for $50,000 in damages after she took to her twitter to complain about her living situation to another user.
Many legal experts are watching these cases carefully because they will lay the groundwork for these unaddressed areas of the law. They said that in this growing age of technology it takes almost 5 years to play catch up with current American law. Lawmakers are unable to predict the next big wave in technology and the legal issues that will follow. With such a severe gray area when it comes to Social Media and your Privacy, society must be able to balance accountability with free speech.

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