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PMP1Privacy Means Profit – On Shelves 8.9.10

Wiley & Sons has just announced final details on the release of my latest book, Privacy Means Profit. This book builds a bridge between good personal privacy habits (protect your wallet, online banking, trash, etc.) with the skills and motivation to protect workplace data (bulletproof your laptop, server, hiring policies, etc.).

Hardcover: 224 pages
Publish Date:
8.9.10 (August 9, 2010)
ISBN-10: 0470583894

Available for Pre-Sale from Amazon

Excerpt: At breakfast on the morning of August 12, 2003, a small and profitable computer company thrived at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. By lunchtime, that same business was on its way to ruin. Within twelve months, thanks to the theft of personal and company information, a forty-year-old family-business-turned-software-startup was doomed and John, heir to the prosperous enterprise, faced the prospect of prison for crimes he didn’t commit.

Beyond the specter of prison time for John, the situation held dire consequences for his family and friends. There was a real threat that his wife and two young daughters might be separated from their husband and daddy if John went to prison. John’s parents, who founded the company in 1964, shouldered most of the financial responsibility for the dying business and experienced declining health from the resulting stress. In the end, the situation would expose a dark secret in John’s close friend, Doug, a recent partner in the business.

Bulletproof your organization against data breach, identity theft, and corporate espionage.

In Privacy Means Profit, John Sileo demonstrates how to keep data theft from destroying your bottom line, both personally and professionally. In addition to sharing his gripping tale of losing $300,000 and his business to data breach, John writes about the risks posed by social media, travel theft, workplace identity theft, and how to keep it from happening to you and your business.

By interlacing his personal experience with cutting-edge research and unforgettable stories, John not only inspires change inside of your organization, but outlines a simple framework with which to build a Culture of Privacy. This book is a must-read for any individual with a Social Security Number and any business leader who doesn’t want the negative publicity, customer flight, legal battles and stock depreciation resulting from data breach.

Protect your net worth and bottom line using the 7 Mindsets of a Spy:

  • Eliminate the Source
  • Destroy the Data
  • Secure the Systems
  • Lock the Docs
  • Evaluate the Risk
  • Interrogate the Enemy
  • Monitor the Signs

In this revised edition, John includes an 8th Mindset, Adaptation, which serves as an additional bridge between personal protection and bulletproofing your organization. Privacy Means Profit offers a one-stop guide to protecting what’s most important and most at risk-your essential business and personal data.

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    • John Sileo, Identity Theft Speaker
      John Sileo, Identity Theft Speaker says:

      Kathleen, Yes, unfortunately they cut that detail out of the piece before it aired (and several others). The full piece of advice was to write it on the card itself with a permanent Sharpie marker and then tape over it so that it doesn’t wear off. The second recommendation (if your card is dark and you can’t see pen writing on it) was to put a sticker and then tape over it with packing tape. Either way, the thief can get the ink off if they want, but they usually choose to move on to an easier target. And in the meantime, it is educating retailers and businesses to ask for ID before swiping the card. Thanks so much for asking for clarification! Would you mind asking the same question on my Facebook page underneath the Rachael Ray update so that I can respond to a larger audience?


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