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Identity Theft Prevention and Recovery Workbook

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The #1 recommendation to prevent Identity Theft is Education. Know what to look for and the steps to take to fight Identity Theft. If you have been a victim, learn which steps to take and in what order to recover your Identity quickly, accurately and safely!

Identity Theft is on the rise and according to Javelin Strategy & Research there were a staggering 11.1 MILLION Identity Fraud victims in 2009 alone. The cost of this handbook is well worth the price of protecting your most valuable asset, your Identity!

This 20 page Workbook includes:

Part I – Prevention

This 10 phase process of Preventing Identity Theft Includes:

  • Protecting your credit.
  • Knowing what is in your wallet.
  • Securing databases and physical documents.
  • Being safe when mobile computing.
  • Protecting Online presence.
  • Travel Safely.
  • Social Engineering awareness.

Part II – Recovering from Identity Theft Basics

This 17 step process to recovery your Identity includes:

  • Top 15 ways to detect Identity Theft.
  • Contacting banks, creditors and credit reporting agencies
  • How to keep an accurate Dossier.
  • Credit Freezes, Fraud alerts and credit monitoring services.
  • Easily listed contact information to help you easily fight to gain your identity back.

Know the facts! According to Javelin Strategy and Research:

  • Electronic Monitoring reduces mean detection days and mean consumer costs.
  • There has been a 37% rise in Identity Theft since 2007.
  • Small Business Owners suffer from ID Fraud at one-and-a-half times the rate of all other adults.
  • Identity Theft by adding a new name as a registered account holder nearly doubled in 2009.
  • Victims who were notified of identity theft by the police averaged $1917.00 in consumer costs.

Just as you would buy an umbrella before a storm, protect yourself before you become one of the over 11 million victims. This new handbook will give you step by step instructions on how to protect yourself and work towards preventing Identity Theft.

This workbook is not just for individualsPrivacy Means Profit encourage safe identity practices in your company and protect your business from a larger data breach. When your employees know how to protect themselves, they learn how to protect your company and your customers from data loss!

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