More information revealed on Facebook hackers

Remember those strikes against Facebook, Apple and Microsoft a few weeks ago? New data has given us a little more info on where these attacks came from.

Even if you think you've locked your private information down, social media exposure is always a risk. We already knew a little bit about the source of the breach that recently compromised Facebook and other major companies. Now we have the name of one of the websites that launched the hack:, a mobile app development site that acted as a "watering hole" for malware. It was only one of many, however, and the source of these attacks is still somewhat murky.

The name of the particular species of malware that infiltrated Macs has also been identified. According to the Security Ledger, it's called Pintsized.A, and it's a Trojan that can disguise itself as an innocuous file while subtly corrupting your device. The attacks were disseminated through the use of a critical security loophole in Java, something that has been a source of criticism for cyber security professionals in the past.

It also appears that the malware only targeted specific users linked from other designated sites, with businesses preferred over ordinary citizens. It's unclear exactly how this originated and whether it's a large coordinated effort, a group of criminals, or some other unsavory source. All the same, the level of sophistication is astounding, and we can have no doubts that other threats are on the horizon if we don't take proper measures now.               

Social media privacy is vital to all users, whether it's in a business setting or on your cell phone. Not even the biggest providers on the planet can foresee when the next big leak will be, or how it will show itself. Good prevention habits can help safeguard your social media privacy, and keep you ready for different kinds of potential disasters that may arise.  

John Sileo is a social media privacy expert and keynote speaker on cyber security, identity theft and reputation protection. His clients included the Department of Defense, Pfizer, and Homeland Security. See his recent media appearances on 60 Minutes, Anderson Cooper and Fox Business.