Mobile Security Webinar: Defending Your Digital Devices (8/15/13)

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Mobile Security Webinar: Defending the Devices that Power Your Productivity

Admit it. You compute almost as much on mobile devices as you do on your main computer. You are hyper efficient because you are always connected. You read work emails on your iPhone or Droid, log in to sensitive Internet accounts via iPad and store mission critical files on your laptop. Thanks to the independence, flexibility and efficiency afforded by mobile gadgets, desktop computing is quickly becoming an outdated notion. To remain nimble and relevant, you must be able to connect, communicate and compute from anywhere.

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But along with the rewards of freedom, mobile computing also comes with risk. Small devices are easier to lose, simple to steal and targets for data theft. Here’s the good news: Deluxe can help you stay one step ahead of the hackers, competitors and criminals looking to use your data to drive their profits.

In this FREE Webinar, Mobile Security: Defending the Devices that Power Your Productivity, you will learn how to:This course, presented by John Sileo and sponsored by Deluxe, is a multipart, interactive Webinar series designed to provide simple, actionable tools to protect and enhance the efficiency with which you run your business.

  • Lock down your smartphone and tablet from thieves
  • Track your mobile device if it is stolen
  • Safely use free Wi-Fi hotspots in cafés, airports and hotels
  • Determine which Apps are safe and which aren’t
  • Evaluate cloud computing services that extend your computing power
  • Protect the Wi-Fi in your home or office from sniffing programs

John Sileo is a keynote speaker and the CEO of The Sileo Group, a boutique think tank that trains organizations to defend the data that powers their profits. Sileo’s clients include the Pentagon, Pfizer and Homeland Security as well as engagements with 60 Minutes, Fox Business and Andersen Cooper.