Meeting Planning Guide – 5 Ways to Create an Extraordinary Experience

meeting-planning-guideHaving a great meeting planning guide can be a great time saver when attempting to plan any sort of meeting/conference.

Meeting planners have more on their plates at one time than just about any profession I’ve experienced. Who else spends months anticipating every minute detail leading up to an event only to find out that their work has just begun? And to discover that many of the rules have changed mid-course?

Putting together a successful meeting can be a stressful endeavor, which is why I have put together a “best practices” meeting planning guide, with 5 important tips for planning an “out of this world” meeting. These tips are strategic in nature – how to move from organizing speakers to hiring speakers that rock.

This guide will help you find new and creative ways to engage your audience, and provide you tips for creating a conference/meeting participants will never forget.

Best of all, I’m giving it away absolutely FREE! (Those of you have already been in my audience know that there is no such thing as FREE! There is always a catch, always a price when someone is advertising free goods. Sorry to make a teaching point here, but it’s my job. In this case, you are giving away your name and email address in exchange for the white paper. Hopefully your attendees think about this type of information leakage when they sign up for FREE offers.) If you find the meeting planning guide useful, please leave a comment about it here at my blog!

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I only ask that if you download the meeting planning guide and find it useful that you leave a comment here at my blog!

Thanks and good luck planning your upcoming meeting!