Identity Theft Speaker Endorsed by Fort Bragg

I had the privilege of speaking at Fort Bragg this summer! Here is what they had to say:

I saw John Sileo’s presentation at a conference recently and I was thoroughly impressed. He really interacted so well with the audience that I actually wanted to bring him to Ft Bragg to help us celebrate our Consumer Awareness Month. It took several months of coordination, but we finally all got it together and John came down and did an excellent presentation to help us out with teaching our community all about identity theft. His presentation was interactive, dynamic, the audience was really pleased and after the presentation they held him there for an hour asking great questions! We were thoroughly pleased with John and we really enjoyed his presentation.

John Sileo is an identity theft and information security expert that speaks professionally to organizations that want to protect their profits against identity theft, social media exposure and corporate espionage. His recent clients include the Department of Defense, FDIC, FTC and Pfizer. Pcik up a copy of John’s latest book Privacy Means Profit – Prevent Identity Theft and Secure You and Your Bottom Line.

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