An Identity Theft Keynote Speaker who is Disarmingly Humorous, Interactive & Never Boring

Entertaining Main-stage Identity Theft Keynote Speaker for Organizations Looking to Protect People & Data

“John is the best identity theft keynote speaker I’ve ever heard. Love how he connects the dots between personal identity and business security.”

– Texas Dental Forum

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Identity Theft Keynote Speakers Protect Your People & Your Profits

Hiring an identity theft keynote speaker is no longer optional. Every move you make in our connected world can be tracked, hacked, shared and exploited. Threat sources like smartphones, the Internet of Things (IoT), wearable technology, cloud computing and social media have shifted the competitive landscape in favor of cyber-savvy users with robust identity theft training, prompting a question: Are you in control of your identity, or are you being controlled? Due to the power of personally identifying information (PII) and the breakneck speed with which information is being compromised, we must leverage prevention tools to protect everything from our Social Security numbers to bank accounts, from passwords to confidential emails.

America’s most requested identity theft keynote speaker, John Sileo, delivers these identity theft countermeasures in a highly interactive, disarmingly humorous presentation inspired by his personal loss of more than $300,000, his business and two years to data theft. Identity theft is America’s fastest-growing crime for more than a decade running. It affects not only individuals and families, but also has costly liability implications for every organization (data breach, corporate espionage, cyber extortion). Good online privacy habits lead to safer data among your attendees and within their organizations. Safe data is profitable data. In this speech, John focuses specifically on identity theft defense tools that apply to every person in your audience.

Cyber Security Keynote Speaker

Meet Identity Theft Keynote Speaker John Sileo

  • Shares his gripping story of losing his $2 million business to cybercrime

  • Featured on 60 Minutes, Anderson Cooper, Dr. Oz, Fox and Rachael Ray

  • Contributor to USA Today, The Washington Post, and Kiplinger

  • A cyber security speaker who specializes in the human elements of cyber security

  • Inducted into the National Speakers Hall of Fame

  • CEO of The Sileo Group, a Colorado-based cyber security think tank

  • Part of a team that believes in making your job enjoyable and as easy as possible

As a Main-Stage Identity Theft Keynote Speaker, John Customizes to:

  • Create authentic ownership and “buy-in” of audience members about taking responsibility for security

  • Answer the critically important “WHY” of security training before explaining the “HOW TO”

  • Clarify answers to questions like “What is cyber security?” and “How does cyber security work?”

  • Convert “humans as your weakest link” into your greatest competitive advantage

  • Leave the presentation energized to change behaviors and implement key learnings

  • Live-hack an audience member to demonstrate the power of hacker tools

  • Prioritize threat trends, such as ransomware, cyber blackmail, Internet of Things, and Denial of Service (DDoS)

  • Detect, reflect and react to social engineering & fraud tools from phishing to pre-texting

  • Build a tactical whitelist of critical data, necessary computer security conversations and next steps

  • Interact directly with the audience to cement learning with entertainment

Popular Titles:

Title can be customized at your request

  • Your Data is Showing: Privacy Tools for the Surveillance Economy

  • Think Like A Spy: Aggressive Identity Theft Protection

  • The Hacker’s Blacklist: Critical Cyber Security Threats & Solutions

  • The Hacker’s Blacklist: Critical Cybersecurity Threats & Solutions

  • Data Spies, Hackers & Online Attackers: Defending Your Personal Data

We love chatting in person about how John could customize his identity theft keynote for your event. Call us directly: 303.777.3221

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