Identity theft and fraud a pitfall, even for government workers

Though businesses of all kinds have reasons to be concerned about their susceptibility to identity theft and fraud, contractors working for the government should be fine, right? Well, not when glitches lurk. 

There are enough threats to private information floating out there without us accidentally opening the floodgates. If proper security is kept up at all times, it creates a higher standard that can allow for less laziness and more protection. Unfortunately, even the government can’t keep the possibility of dangerous security gaps at zero. Contractors working for the feds may have learned this the hard way last month, when a flaw in software used by the General Services Administration left valuable information vulnerable to identity theft and fraud, potentially including Social Security and bank account numbers.

To be fair, the information was only visible to those in the system already, and the GSA managed to close the gap relatively quickly. But this still should be enough to keep businesses of all kinds on their toes. We may count on increasingly sophisticated technology to help us get our work done, but that doesn’t erase the possibility for error of all kinds. And even the fastest responses don’t erase the chance for someone to be in the right place at the right time to swipe your most precious data.

What can your company do to reduce the likelihood of something like this affecting you? It might seem like predicting where lightning will strike, but proper prevention measures can indeed help a company to fight instances of identity theft and fraud. Seeking consultation can help businesses prepare for the worst – no matter how it arrives.

John Sileo is an identity theft expert and keynote speaker on identity theft and fraud protection. His clients included the Department of Defense, Pfizer, and Homeland Security. See his recent media appearances on 60 Minutes, Anderson Cooper and Fox Business.