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CSIdentity Protector Tri-Bureau

Only 25%  of identity theft can be detected by traditional credit report monitoring, which means that you need a more sophisticated service than the average offering (LifeLock). If you are time starved, convenience based or just simply want a comprehensive way to detect the inappropriate use of your data, you need to enlist an identity monitoring service. It’s similar to having someone monitor your home alarm system.

Here’s a bit of background. Traditional credit monitoring only detects a portion of identity theft. The remaining theft happens on non-credit loan activities (pay-day loans, etc), as part of public records (court cases, real estate transactions, government filings, etc.), over the internet (bought and sold on identity-for-sale sites), or in relation to medical or criminal records. It is important to monitor these forms of potential identity theft as well as your credit file. CSIdentity’s Protector Tri-Bureau product wins the award for Best-in-Class identity monitoring based on 7 criteria:

  1. Convenience: It emails me any time a red flag appears, meaning that I don’t have to do any extra work to keep track of my identity;
  2. Technical Excellence: The engine under their surveillance hood is superior, providing a deeper scan of risks and therefore a higher chance of detecting fraud;
  3. Depth of Monitoring: The service monitors your credit report at all three credit reporting bureaus as well as scanning non-credit loans (pay-day check schemes);
  4. Public Document Surveillance: It monitors your public records on the internet (court documents, govt filings, etc.) in case your information is published for any reason by the government;
  5. Cyber-threat Detection: It combs the internet for the buying and selling of your individual identity to minimize your data being circulated through carder sites;
  6. Restoration Services: It provides IN HOUSE restoration services if your identity is stolen, meaning that you aren’t dealing with a third party in the case of theft;
  7. Industry Leadership: The executives at CSIdentity are some of the smartest people I have met, and have a proven track record of being honest, trustworthy thought leaders. I wouldn’t allow them access into my personal data if I didn’t completely trust them.

Here’s how it works. Rather than waste hours monitoring all of the different potential sources of identity theft myself, CSIdentity does it for me, automatically. In addition to 24/7 credit monitoring, pay-day loan fraud, public record monitoring and theft insurance and restoration services, their CyberAgent technology monitors the internet for instances of my identity being bought and sold online. Every month, a report shows up in my email inbox letting me know if there are any areas that I should be concerned about.

If you decide to try out CSIdentity’s Protector Tri-Bureau Monitoring, enter the promotion code CSIDFRIEND at the top of the screen (this gives you a $39 discount). I receive no money if you use this code – it only benefits you.

To reiterate, no matter what Identity Monitoring Service you end up using, they should provide the following tools:
•    3-in-1 Credit Monitoring
•    Court Record Monitoring
•    Public Record Monitoring
•    Non-credit loan monitoring
•    Internet Surveillance
•    Sex Offender Reports
•    Identity Theft Insurance
•    Identity Theft Restoration Services performed in-house

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  1. Alex Standt
    Alex Standt says:

    Amazing information here, thank you!!! When it comes to identity theft protection, the more comprehensive the better, period, no questions asked. Identity thieves are evolving as the perfect financial predators and they are doing it at an extremely accelerated rate of speed. Great job, thanks!

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