Sileo has a Disarmingly Humorous Approach to Security Awareness Training

Main-stage Presentations for Organizations Looking for an Entertaining Security Awareness Program

“If we could quantify the impact of John’s Security Awareness Program on our attendees, it would likely be in the millions.”

– Young Presidents Organization

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To Bulletproof Your Culture of Security, You Must Move Beyond Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training starts at the top. Cyber criminals lust for your corporate data. Competitors bribe your disgruntled employee for a thumb drive full of confidential files. Social engineers exploit your executives’ social media profiles – a veritable “how to” guide for network security access. Hackers “sniff” unprotected IP addresses and cloud traffic you didn’t even know existed. Cyber extortionists encrypt your non-personal-but-mission-critical data and demand a ransom. In the meantime, you end up the next disastrous headline – reputation damaged, customers fleeing. Cyber crime and corporate data breach are a huge financial cost and legal liability to organizations. This does not have to be your fate, but you must progress beyond security awareness training and into action.

But how are you, a leader within your organization, supposed to cope with such a wide range of cyber threats when you have little to no technical background? The answer lies, as does so much of your success, in your preparation and strength of culture. It is imperative in the information economy to train your workforce on how to protect the information assets that fuel your success, whether they are digital, physical or intellectual. Build security awareness training into your daily operations from the boardroom to the break room and watch your risk footprint diminish. In this presentation, John leverages his experience working with clients like the Pentagon and Charles Schwab to give you a prioritized punch list of action items to reduce your chances of a costly data breach.

Cyber Security Keynote Speaker

Meet Hall-of-Fame Speaker John Sileo

  • Shares his gripping story of losing his $2 million business to cybercrime

  • Featured on 60 Minutes, Anderson Cooper, Dr. Oz, Fox and Rachael Ray

  • Contributor to USA Today, The Washington Post, and Kiplinger

  • A cyber security speaker who specializes in the human elements of cyber security

  • Inducted into the National Speakers Hall of Fame

  • CEO of The Sileo Group, a Colorado-based cyber security think tank

  • Part of a team that believes in making your job enjoyable and as easy as possible

Your Security Awareness Program Will Be Customized to:

  • Create authentic “buy-in” of audience members about taking responsibility for high-quality Security Awareness Programs

  • Map a clear path to a Culture of Security

  • Understand the subtleties of security awareness training

  • Gain board “buy-in”, budget and staff accountability

  • Effectively nudge awareness into permanent transformation

  • Identify and prioritize top cyber threats

  • Turn theoretical solutions into actionable security strategies

  • Leverage keystone defense habits to cement change

  • Incorporate security by design so that it becomes “business-as-usual”

  • Convert “humans as your weakest link” into your greatest competitive advantage

Popular Titles:

Title can be customized at your request

  • C-Level Cybersecurity: A Strategic Primer for Leaders

  • The Hacker’s Blacklist: Critical Cyber Security Threats & Solutions

  • White Hot Security Awareness: Training, Trends & Tactics

  • Creating a Culture of Security: Empowering the Human Element

  • Bulletproofing Your Business Against Breach: A Cybersecurity Crash Course

We love chatting in person about how John could customize for your event. Call us directly: 303.777.3221

A short video from John about why Security Awareness Training isn’t enough

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