Client-Focused Financial Seminars that Build Loyalty & Value

Entertaining Finacial Wellness Events for Advisors Looking to Add Client Value & Protect Critical Data

“Educating our clients on identity theft prevention & privacy proved to be one of the most profitable financial seminars we’ve ever hosted.”

– Linscomb & Williams (Wealth Advisors)

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Financial Seminars that Help You Leverage Your Role as Trusted Advisor

No one is in a better position to educate financially savvy customers about protecting identity and net worth than bankers, brokers, agents, accountants and full-fledged financial advisors. Not only do you serve as your client’s trusted advisor and have their “financial ear,” but you also have an ethical responsibility to help them protect their wealth against crimes like identity theft, online fraud and cyber extortion. Here’s the good news: by hosting financial seminars targeting fraud protection training, risk management seminars and identity theft workshops, you create a safer, more loyal customer.  

John has delivered cyber-specific financial seminars to more than 100,000 FI customers. His financial presentations cover the most relevant aspects of identity theft prevention, online privacy, social media exposure, mobile technology, cloud computing and Internet banking and investing. Imagine your customers being fully educated about how to protect their financial and informational assets and attributing their increased security to your brand. They will be happier, less likely to defect to automated investment tools and less susceptible to fraud. Safe customers are profitable customers. 

Cyber Security Keynote Speaker

Meet Hall-of-Fame Speaker John Sileo

  • Shares his gripping story of losing his $2 million business to cybercrime

  • Featured on 60 Minutes, Anderson Cooper, Dr. Oz, Fox and Rachael Ray

  • Contributor to USA Today, The Washington Post, and Kiplinger

  • A cyber security speaker who specializes in the human elements of cyber security

  • Inducted into the National Speakers Hall of Fame

  • CEO of The Sileo Group, a Colorado-based cyber security think tank

  • Part of a team that believes in making your job enjoyable and as easy as possible

Your Financial Seminar Will Be Customized, and include:

  • Phone-related investment and IRS fraud

  • Banking and investing from mobile devices

  • Safely storing financial documents in the cloud

  • Protecting online accounts with robust password protection tools

  • Create authentic ownership and “buy-in” of audience members about taking responsibility for security

  • Live-hack an audience member to demonstrate the power of hacker tools

  • Utilizing two-factor authentication to bullet proof investment accounts

  • Financially motivated phishing, SMiShing and Vishing scams

  • Utilizing account monitoring to detect and stop financial fraud

  • How to leverage security education to deepen your customer relationship

Popular Titles:

Title can be customized at your request

  • Your Financial Practice as Hero: Adding Customer Value Through Security (Advisor Focused)

  • The Hacker’s Blacklist: Critical Cybersecurity Threats & Solutions (Client Focused)

  • Think Like A Spy: Aggressive Identity Theft Protection

  • Zen & The Art of Financial Data Security

  • Protecting Your Online Accounts & Net Worth in a Digital World

We love chatting in person about how John could customize for your event. Call us directly: 303.777.3221

A short video from John about building a culture of cyber security

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