John Sileo made Fraud Prevention & Social Engineering Disarmingly Humorous!

Entertaining Main-stage Presentations for Organizations Looking to Stop Human Hacking with Reflexive Fraud Prevention.

“John is an incredible fraud prevention speaker. His training stopped $300,000 in fraud just days after his presentation.”

– Disney/Partners FCU

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Criminals Will Always Hack Your Humans First. Hiring a Fraud Prevention Speaker Keeps People from Becoming Your Weakest Security Link.

Fraud Prevention only works when your people experience it in person. Human beings can be the weakest link or the strongest competitive advantage in the security and profitability of your information assets. But people are the most commonly underutilized and least expensive weapon in your fight against cybercrime. Fraud Prevention Training too often fails because of Death by PowerPoint. Fraud training needs to be engaging – has to be interactive – to be effective. To put it simply, this session makes security fun, so that it sticks. Additionally, your audience must experience manipulation, deception and fraud first hand before their behaviors are ripe for change.

In this continually-interactive social engineering training session, John goes deep into deception tools and tricks used to separate you from your critical data. By building System-1, Reflex-Based Awareness around how tools like social media, trust shortcuts, ego stroking, greed appeals, and cortisol flushing enable social engineers, John will dramatically reduce the human element of your threat footprint. Safe data is profitable data, whether it’s a client’s credit card number, a patient’s medical file, an employee’s benefit plan or sensitive intellectual capital. By the time John finishes his entertaining closing story, your audience will be fully empowered to detect and deter social engineering, fraud and deception.

Cyber Security Keynote Speaker

Fraud Prevention Speaker John Sileo

  • Shares his gripping story of losing his $2 million business to cybercrime

  • Featured on 60 Minutes, Anderson Cooper, Dr. Oz, Fox and Rachael Ray

  • Contributor to USA Today, The Washington Post, and Kiplinger

  • A cyber security speaker who specializes in the human elements of cyber security

  • Inducted into the National Speakers Hall of Fame

  • CEO of The Sileo Group, a Colorado-based cyber security think tank

  • Part of a team that believes in making your job enjoyable and as easy as possible

Your Fraud Prevention Training Will Be Customized to:

  • Create authentic ownership and “buy-in” of audience members about taking responsibility for security

  • Answer the critically important “WHY” of security training before explaining the “HOW TO”

  • Understand how manipulative triggers work, including: cortisol flushing, trust exploitation, ego stroking, greed appeals…

  • Convert “humans as your weakest link” into your greatest competitive advantage

  • Distinguish weapons of deception (evil) from tools of influence (good)

  • Live-hack an audience member to demonstrate the power social engineering

  • Identify the most common strategies of social engineering

  • Detect, reflect and react to fraud tools ranging from phishing to pre-texting, whaling to coat-tailing

  • Interact directly with the audience to cement learning with entertainment

  • Leave your audience energized to immediately change behaviors and implement key learnings

Popular Titles:

Title can be customized at your request

  • The Art of Human Hacking: Social Engineering Self-Defense

  • The Hacker’s Blacklist: Critical Cyber Security Threats & Countermeasures

  • Your Data is Showing: Protecting Privacy in the Surveillance Economy

  • Bulletproofing Your Business Against Breach: A Cyber Security Crash Course

  • Think Like A Spy: Aggressive Identity Theft Protection

We love chatting in person about how John could customize fraud prevention training for your event. Call us directly: 303.777.3221

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