Facebook Safety Survival Guide

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Facebook Safety
Survival Guide

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Parents’ Guide to Online Safety

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There is no final word on how to use Facebook safely. Here’s why: social networking and the web change too quickly. The social network you use today is not the same one you will use tomorrow or next month. The privacy settings, functionality, connectability and features are constantly evolving, which means that almost no one has a handle on every aspect of this topic. Those who tell you that they have the final answer are probably selling you something you shouldn’t buy.

This Survival Guide is an evolving document that I started writing for my young daughters and my employees, and is an attempt to give you a snapshot of some of the safety and privacy issues as they exist right now. Social networking, texting, instant messaging, video messaging, blogging – these are all amazing tools that our kids and employees use natively, as part of their everyday lives. In fact, they probably understand social networking better than most adults and executives. But they don’t necessarily have the life experiences to recognize the risks. I’d like to make their online vigilance and discretion just as native, so that they learn to protect the personal information they put on the web before it becomes a problem. Social networking is immensely powerful and is here for the long run, but we must learn to harness and control it.

So whether you are reading this to help protect your own online presence, or the reputation and sensitive data inside of your business, or to bulletproof your kids from some of the harmful forces on the web, the Facebook Safety Survival Guide should get you started.

This Facebook Safety Guide includes:

  • Action Item Checklist for Facebook Safety
  • Action Item Checklist for Parents’ Guide to Online Safety

Part I: Facebook Safety Survival Guide

  • Protecting People We Care About
  • Social Networking’s Secret Weapon: Trust
  • Fifteen Hazards of Social Networking
  • Fifteen Steps to Safer Facebooking
  • 10 Types of Information to Keep Private
  • Customize Your Privacy Settings: Control Who Can See Your Personal Information & A Tool to Test Your Facebook Privacy
  • How Do I Delete My Facebook Account?
  • How To Deactivate Your Facebook Account
  • How To Delete Your Facebook Account

Part II: Parents’ Guide to Online Safety

  • Socializing Online: Sexting & Cyberbullying
  • Communicating Online & Phishing
  • Mobile Phones: Socializing and Communicating on the Go & Texting
  • Protect Your Computers: P2P File Sharing & Parental Controls

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John Sileo became one of America’s leading Social Networking Speakers & sought after Identity Theft Experts after he lost his business and more than $300,000 to identity theft and data breach. His clients include the Department of Defense, Pfizer and the FDIC. To learn more about having him speak at your next meeting or conference, contact him by email or on 800.258.8076.

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