The Facebook Movie Will Prove You're an Addict

The new movie on Facebook entitled “The Social Network” released its first teaser trailer. The film, better recognized as “The Facebook Movie,” follows the early days of the world’s most powerful social networking site. It follows Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, from the creation of the website through the destruction of a friendship with his co-founders. In the process, it exposes the history behind the information sharing site that Facebook users will wish they knew sooner.

Facebook has had overwhelming success and gained huge momentum since they began in a Harvard dorm room in 2005. Their ability to get you and I to share personal information that we normally wouldn’t has made privacy a huge concern with the site.  Zukerberg has faced scrutiny recently with the privacy changes that make more of your information available to businesses on Facebook that purchase your data in order to sell to you in a more targeted way.

And here’s the interesting thing. The movie will undoubtedly make you uncomfortable about how your private information is being used, but you won’t probably change what you share. You’ve been addicted to the drug without knowing you were even taking a dangerous substance. While quitting may not be an option for you, tightening your Facebook privacy settings definitely is. Making sure that you are as safe as possible on Facebook is important to all users – especially the young ones.

With over 500 million users and a site that seems to keep growing by the month, you can’t expect everyone to be using Facebook with good intentions. It states in the teaser that “you dont get to over 500 million friends without making a few enemies.” Take steps to inoculate yourself and your family against some of the risks of social networking.

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  1. Jef Nance
    Jef Nance says:

    hey John, enjoying your blog… you and I no doubt have some intersecting interests/topics when we present.

    You’ve hit on something great here, FB is definitely an addiction. Not for me, I’m one of a shrinking minority who isn’t even on it. But I know plenty who are leaking hours of life away on it. Seems to be two groups: Those who use it for entertainment/spying on others (curiosity really about old classmates and other) and those using it for business promotion. One a waste, the other with some potential?

    Good stuff, John!


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