Facebook Launches New Security Feature

Facebook has announced a new security feature that focuses on keeping users’ information safe from hackers attempting to gain access into your account.

The feature was announced last Thursday, and is similar to how secured banking sites work — they only let you access the site from approved computers.  If you are attempting to log onto your Facebook account from an unknown computer, device, or location, Facebook will notify you via email and lock down your account in case it is under attack. To regain access, you will have to follow the link in the email which will lead you through a security check to verify your identity. They will ask you a few security questions and have you acknowledge that it was in fact YOU (or if it wasn’t you, then you notify Facebook at this point) trying to access your account.

This change comes on the heels of one of the largest Facebook privacy issues to date. The social networking site that services over 400 million people made headlines recently when they chose to link users’ likes and interests to organizations and others on Facebook.  This raised major concerns that they were no longer acting in the users’ best interest.

Although it comforts some users that their pages are harder to hack, most users are more concerned with what Facebook is sifting from their profiles and sharing about them online. When it comes to anything on the Internet, be aware that what you think is kept private can be made public in an instant (even after the fact, like it has been recently on Facebook — the rules can change mid-stream). Be mindful of what you are sharing and if you wouldn’t want the world to see, hear or know something, don’t put it online in the first place…no matter how tight your security settings are!

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