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Hospital Associations Choose Engaging Keynote Speaker on Data Privacy & Security

Healthcare Organizations and the patients and clients they serve are among the highest risk groups to be affected by data breach, identity theft and privacy abuse. With the implementation of Healthcare Exchanges (Obamacare), and the electronification of patient records, the industry is wide open to scammers, fraudsters and criminals.

A simple Google search on the term data breach healthcare reveals hundreds of hospitals, doctor’s offices and medical facilities that have had their databases hacked, their patients’ and employees’ identities stolen and their organization’s private information and intellectual property compromised. Data theft is bad for customers, time consuming for the healthcare organization and a public relations nightmare for the industry. John Sileo knows the healthcare industry’s pain first hand, as he is generally the person contacted by the hospital after they have been breached.

Healthcare has a Distinct Advantage in the Fight for Data Privacy

There is genuinely optimistic news amidst the gloom and doom. Because of their immersion in technology, their communication channels and their understanding of patient privacy laws, hospitals small and large are uniquely equipped to quickly train their people on the simple steps to secure private data before it is breached. But it takes the right speaker to introduce security in such a way that it connects with a mixed audience–executive and administrator, young and wise, technologically-oriented and digitally-challenged.

John Sileo sets the standard for presentations that engage the entire audience to emotionally connect to the critical nature of privacy, security and identity protection. Using his own personal story of identity theft, John interacts with your audience to gain “buy in” to the increasing importance of securing identity in a mobile-driven, social-media-dominated world.

“If the presentation is boring or overly technical, your members won’t listen, won’t learn. John is anything but boring…”

Video: watch John

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eveXtEku9M]

John has spoken extensively for healthcare organizations to increase awareness on privacy, security and identity. Just recently, John delivered the keynote presentation for the West Virginia Hospital Association. Watch this 60 second video testimonial about the work he did for the WVHA: 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Rp4kd4QkWY]

Listen to what other healthcare organizations have to say about John’s presentations:


Thank you for your participation as a speaker at the National Internet Audit and Anti-Fraud Conference. The meeting was a true success greatly due to your knowledge and dedication. Your session was well received by all who attended. Awesome presentation! Perfect for closing the conference. — Blue Cross/Blue Shield



“Excellent “how-to” presentation on protecting personal and corporate info.” Gerald Oakley, MD, participant at WV Hospital Association Annual Conference

“John showed us how easy it is to acquire personal information.  Eye-opener to be cautious and discreet and take control.”  Thomas Bias

“John provides a pragmatic approach to protecting one of our most valuable assets-our identity—excellent.”  David Darden



“John was a pleasure to work with and received OUTSTANDING FEEDBACK from our senior health care financial managers. His presentation was engaging, insightful and captivating. I would highly recommend John as a keynote speaker!” Ontario Hospital Association


I attended Pfizer’s Annual Information Security Officer’s Conference. The Inspirational Speaker was Mr. John  Sileo. John’s presentation was captivating, to say the least. His story is phenomenally sad. John rose above it all and now provides fantastic advice to companies and individuals on how to protect their identity. I left John’s presentation as equally inspired as when I left Mark Sanborn’s presentation. [If John speaks there next year,] I’ll be sitting in the front row!

— R. LaChance


 “John jolted me from my comfortable ignorant bliss to a cautious and educated administrator.” Fred Downs