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Many companies blame technology and professional hackers for their high risk of data breach. In reality, organizations lose millions of dollars every year—about $7.5 million per incident—to data breaches that can be directly attributed to poor cyber security training. At the heart of poor training is lack of employee ownership, which is a result of ineffective, non-engaging education. John Sileo is one of those rare cyber security speakers that constantly engages your audience to care about the security of personal data, and by extension, your organization’s valuable information assets.

Nationally renowned cyber security expert John Sileo will help you insulate your company from internal and external cyber attacks by making humans your greatest line of defense. Having presented more than 35 keynote speeches for the Department of Defense alone, and regularly appearing on shows like 60 Minutes, Rachael Ray and Anderson Cooper as a resident cyber security expert, John is adept at transforming your employees from liabilities to assets, revealing the simple steps they can take to boost your company’s cyber security footprint.

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Cyber Security Speakers for Events and Conferences

Whether you are holding a large cyber security conference, or you are having a more intimate event with employees, John Sileo is uniquely qualified to address audiences both large and small. From discussing the latest data breaches and how they can impact business to delivering highly-engaging material on the importance of data protection, John Sileo ensures that each and every presentation is engaging and memorable.

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Cyber Data Security Speaking Presentations by John SileoCyber Security Keynote Presentations

As a world-renowned cyber security keynote speaker, John can help you and your employees drastically reduce the risk of data breach.  He’ll reveal the human element at the source of the latest cyber security developments using real-life examples and helping your audience discover the best ways to boost your company’s online data security mechanisms.

Cyber Security Keynote Presentations

Products to Boost Your Cyber Data Security from John SileoProducts to Boost Your Cyber Security 

Who better to look to for cyber data security resources than John Sileo and The Sileo Group, leaders in protecting organizations against costly data breaches?  Visit The Sileo Group store to browse products specially created to help you boost your company’s online data security mechanisms.

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Cyber Data Security Product Reviews by John SileoCyber Security Product Reviews

Dedicated to helping individuals and organizations protect their profits, privacy and reputation,  John Sileo consistently reviews related products on the market.  Browse all John’s latest cyber data security reviews to make sure you’re protecting your company from costly data breaches!

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