InsightOne20 Small Business Conference in Los Angeles

Those interested in how to prevent identity theft can attend the InsightOne20 conference on March 16, where John Sileo will be presenting along with Seth Godin. Guests can register for the event on the InsightOne20 website.

The presentation, entitled “Spies, Hackers and Facebook Attackers: Bulletproofing Your Privacy & Profits in the Digital Age,” will contain information and instruction on how best to avoid the pitfalls of digital privacy and social media. The conference is hosted by City National Bank, and is considered a premiere event for small businesses. It will take place at the LA Convention Center.

Businesses of all sizes have many risks to consider when it comes to the stakes of modern commerce. Social media and even basic online browsing bring with them a host of dangers that concern your digital reputation. But the risk is especially palpable for startups and growing companies that may not yet have a strong security network in place. All data is valuable, and this presentation will seek to impart some wisdom about the best way to keep your information secure while promoting healthy online habits.

The internet isn’t going away, and there’s no use denying the importance social media and online privacy has in both our personal and professional lives. That’s why it’s now even more necessary to take the proper steps to control your digital reputation then ever before. The recent glut of attacks on corporate titans has made this a crucial part of the national conversation – don’t be left out of the loop.

Guests can register for the event on the InsightOne20 website.

John Sileo is a digital reputation expert and keynote speaker on privacy, identity and social media. His clients included the Department of Defense, Pfizer, and Homeland Security. See his recent media appearances on 60 Minutes, Anderson Cooper and Fox Business.