Do Not Call Registry for Cell Phones?

Do I need to add my cell phone number to a Do Not Call list in order to keep telemarketers from contacting me on my mobile phone?

No. But you should add it to the list anyway. Right now, cell phone numbers are not being released to telemarketers, but they might be in the future. For details, visit the Federal Trade Commission’s article entitled The Truth About Cell Phones and the Do Not Call Registry

That said, today is a good time to re-submit (or submit for the first time) your home phone number, mobile number and fax number to the National Do Not Call Registry. Here’s why: Read more

Does Your Financial Advisor Protect You from Identity Theft?

Your financial advisor has your portfolio performing well. You consider your risk to be minimal because your assets are well balanced. But have they really protected the portfolio from all types of risk, including identity theft? How would you feel if you took a 100% investment loss overnight because a thief obtained your personal information? Read more

Seeking Life’s Questions


Questions? I love questions. Some questions have answers, which is fine; we should share those answers. But the questions that impress me most are those that start conversations. The people that I like and respect the most ask a lot of questions – of me (is my ego showing?); of life; of themselves. My wife is one of those people. Kids are those people. Joe, a checker at my local market (who has Down’s Syndrome and asks me every time I visit, “What’s up with your bad self, Elvis?”), is one of those people. I want to be one of those people. Care to join me?

When not asking questions, John Sileo is the award-winning author of Stolen Lives: Identity Theft Prevention Made Simple and is considered to be America’s top professional identity theft speaker. He often asks himself who exactly gets to decide who’s at “the top”. He’s pretty sure it’s his marketing guy. Curious? Visit