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Hotel Key Cards & Identity Theft

I just checked out of my hotel room in NYC after delivering an identity theft speech to the most wonderful New Yorkers at the Federal Reserve Bank of NY, and it reminded me of a question I hear constantly as I travel: Can my identity be stolen off of the room key cards that hotels use?

Privacy is a Matter of Life Balance

Sometimes I feel like I have no privacy. I didn’t think this had anything to do with identity theft when I first realized it, but it does. On the weekends, my email lures me into my home office to check for new messages. I don’t actually need to pick them up, but I’m driven to, […]

Do Not Call Registry for Cell Phones?

Do I need to add my cell phone number to a Do Not Call list in order to keep telemarketers from contacting me on my mobile phone? No. But you should add it to the list anyway. Right now, cell phone numbers are not being released to telemarketers, but they might be in the future. For […]