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Cybersecurity for Your Home or Virtual Office

There is something great to be learned about cybersecurity from this pandemic. Preparing for a crisis before it happens is far less expensive than recovering after it happens. The U.S. saved several billions of dollars cutting corners on pandemic preparation, and it’s now estimated that coronavirus will cost the world more than $300 Trillion when […]

Telemedicine: Are Virtual Doctor Visits a Cyber & Privacy Risk?

The Trump administration has relaxed privacy requirements for telemedicine, or virtual doctor visits: medical staff treating patients over the phone and using video apps such as FaceTime, Zoom, Skype and Google Hangouts. The move raises the chances that hackers will be able to access patient’s highly sensitive medical data, using it, for example, to blackmail the […]

Are Hackers Targeting Your Association? Here’s How to Stop Them.

Are hackers targeting your association? The recent revelation that Chinese hackers penetrated the internal computer network of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) last summer should be a clarion call to all associations: They are coming for you.  The suspected Chinese hackers ramped up their efforts to steal information in the days surrounding a meeting […]

Democracy @ Stake: 2020 Election Interference DejaVu

What you need to know about Russia’s 2020 election interference Last week, the director of national Intelligence (DNI), a Republican appointee, notified the House Intelligence Committee that Russia is indisputably tampering with the 2020 election similar to election interference in 2016. The intelligence community determined that Russia’s efforts are to help see Trump reelected. Angered […]