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Top Cybersecurity Trends 2020 & the Perils of Prediction

(i.e., Cybercriminals read the same articles as cybersecurity experts) Oh how we love to predict the future. Who will win the next Super Bowl, Presidential Election, or Best in Show Pooch-a-thon following the Macy’s Day Parade? I’m frequently asked as a cybersecurity expert to peer into my somewhat cloudy crystal ball and give opinions on […]

How to Turbocharge your Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Security awareness training can’t be a boring afterthought if it’s going to work.  Own it. Secure it. Protect it.  Those are the key themes for this year’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, coming up in October, and it’s good advice. Unfortunately, it’s the same message your trainees have been hearing for years and, at this point, […]

Russian Election Interference Coming to Your Vote in 2020

What will it take for Americans, especially our politicians, to care about Russian election interference? That’s a question I’ve been asking myself since early 2017, when the NSA, CIA and FBI universally concluded that Russian President Vladimir Putin interfered with the 2016 presidential election. At the time, I wrote a call-to-arms blog post that recommended […]

Just Wait for the Cavity: Dental Cyber Security

Dental Cyber Security is kind of like, well, being a dentist. You’re in your patient’s mouth. The red flags are clear as day: calculus buildup going back to pre-fluoride Woodstock days. Severe dentin erosion, onset of gingivitis, gums retreating like Arctic glaciers. But there is no actual decay yet. No cavities to drill or crowns […]