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Were Lebron’s Darkest Secrets Exposed by Hackers?

Grubman Shire Hack: REvil Scores a Blackmail Slam Dunk How much is basketball megastar Lebron James brand worth to hackers?  When you calculate it, Lebron’s name earns him more than his game. And to the cybercriminals who orchestrated the Grubman Shire Hack, that kind of payday is worth jumping through some hoops. Consider what James […]

Don’t Be Naive: Obama/Biden “Twitter Hack” Not What It Seemed

I’m betting that the recent Twitter hack of prominent political and celebrity Twitter accounts was politically motivated and nation-state operated. But that’s not what “the investigators” say. And that false narrative could have massive implications for your privacy. Here’s the background in a nutshell: Approximately 130 high-profile Twitter accounts were hacked on July 15 in […]

Cybersecurity Experts Fight for Your Encryption Rights

Cybersecurity experts and privacy advocates like myself are stepping up to protect strong encryption standards, which are facing an all-out legislative assault from the current administration and the Senate. But we need the help of business leaders like yourself to maintain the privacy of your data. Here is an excellent excerpt from Joseph Marks of The Washington […]

iPhone Security Crash Course: 13 Hacker-proofing Tips

iPhone Security In the Mid/Post-Pandemic World We are no longer just addicted to our iPhones; we are officially in a committed relationship, thanks to the pandemic. We mobile office from them, bank from them, attend doctor’s appointments, kids’ classes and Zoom happy hours from them. And in the midst of all of this critical and […]