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The Unlikely Weapon in Cybersecurity: Going Analog

Rule #1: Technology is highly unpredictable when it’s new & untested. And even worse when it’s insecure. All of us have learned not to count on Technology Version 1.0 in mission critical situations. But it seems that Iowa and Pennsylvania didn’t get the memo, which rendered their election results as untrustworthy. Iowa attempted to use a caucus tally app […]

Google Buys Fitbit

Google Isn’t Just Buying Fitbit, They’re Tracking Your Donut Habit You’re heading to the gym for a workout when you decide to surprise your coworkers with a treat. You search for the nearest bagel shop on your Google Maps app, which directs you to their closest advertiser, Donut Feel Good? Your heart pounds from the […]

What if Putin Had an Army of Killer Artificial Intelligence Robots?

The New Frontier: How Science Fiction Distorts Our Next Move on Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity It’s been 51 years since a computer named Hal terrorized astronauts in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.” And it’s been more than three decades since “The Terminator” featured a stone-faced Arnold Schwartzenegger as a cyborg terrorizing “Sarah Connah.” Yet, […]