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RobbinHood Ransomware Attack Brings Down Baltimore

Since May 7, Baltimore has been dealing with a ransomware attack that brought many city systems to a standstill. Hackers seized parts of the computer systems that run Baltimore’s government. A classic ransomware assault, the attack used malware known as “RobbinHood”. City workers’ screens suddenly locked, and a message in broken English demanded over $100,000 […]

Are Alexa, Google & Siri Eavesdropping on You?

Amazon and Google have both come out with wildly popular digital assistants that are loosely known as smart speakers. Amazons is called Alexa and Googles is called, well, Google. “Hey Alexa, would you say you are smarter than Google?” Apple’s digital assistant is Siri which can be found on all new Apple devices, including the HomePod, […]